About Ron

Biography and Professional Achievements

Ron possesses over 30 years of basic science research laboratory experience within the university and medical field. His expertise surrounds: Microscopy and digital imaging of tissue and cellular biology; application sciences, equipment and facilities management, and systems operations. Among his forte is hands on teaching and training of faculty, students, and staff on the use of sophisticated instrumentation and implementation of standard operating procedures in the field of sciences.

Ron is a graduate of Louisiana State University and proudly served our men and women in uniform for 16 years as a Research Biologist at the Denver VA Medical center.

Ron is a co-author in over 41 peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications and has a wide range of understanding surrounding medical problems and diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Loue Gehrig Disease) and Apoptosis (causes of cell death). Ron is a Constitutionalist and staunch supporter of individual choice when it comes to their health.

Ron is proud to offer his multitude of skills running for Arapahoe County Coroner. As per Colo. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 30-10-60, as an elected official, Coroners are required by state law to determine the cause of death for those who pass suddenly, violently or in an unexplained manner. I pledge to the people of Arapaho County, that no unexplained death of any individual will go without a though investigation.

As your candidate for Coroner, I will stand for the following principles, “I represent the living but speak for the dead.” We are living in very challenging times. I wish to unify with one another to gain a firm understanding surrounding serious medical issues that have affected so many lives. We must elucidate the root cause of deaths associated with global COVID-19 pandemic.

Peer-reviewed Publications